Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Quirky websites!

You know when you come across something really cool and quirky that you have to share it?

here are a few things found recently on the grewat world wide web that is just bonkers yet cool and although words might not be able to describe them well, i encourage you to go click on the links and see for yourself and enjoy!

Tiny Grow

how do i describe tiny grow?...i cant! Its a wacky little game that also demonstrates how plants grow and spread their seeds in a variety of methods. Its great to just chill out and admire the simple game and quirky effects as well as build a wonderful landscape but its also brilliant to let kids have a go and see for themselves. I can't possibly describe this with justice so go ahead and click and see for yourself!

another "how on earth do i describe this one?!" webpage! Its a really wacky, fun and cool way to build up a song from nothing but instead you select chorus, beats and melodies in form of an animated singer, the more you add, the more singers on screen performing just for you! Click and see!

draw a stick man
Simply draw a stick man on screen to start an animated adventre starring your stick man where you save the day by drawing items and objects needed by your drawing! Enjoyable for adults and children alike!

what you think?
any out there you like to share?

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