Tuesday, 11 September 2012

life's little loves...

It's the small things at the moment that keeps me and I believe, everyone else going!

Like My nails painted in Chanel's peridot, thanks to my mum who insisted she gave me a brief manicure and pedicure...its the weirdest sheen of gold/green you'll ever see but so mystical!

a recent spur of the moment thrifting before meeting a friend for coffee resulting in my scoring some lovely little embroidery birds...i want to hang them up...i'm thinking my tiny front doorway after perhaps painting the walls a fresh lick of paint...they both come in a wonderful vintage green embroidery hoop... Happy!

I'm about to pay for the hubby's birthday gift on-line, nothing amazing or expensive but it already makes me smile and I can't wait to share! It's guarenteed to raise a smile or two!

Reading and browsing some amazing, colourful and fantastic blogs out there of some amazing people!They are really inspiring and I've have the luck to either know of them personally or struck up some wonderful friendships via mutual loves for comics, japan, kawaii, crafts, foods...you name it!
Please if there's any blogs out there I shuld have a look at - gimme a shout!

"So I don’t have the answer. My blog has also never been about answers. I always ask the questions! My blog will never be an advice blog, because I don’t know what the heck I’m doing ever. I’m just here. Blogging. And maybe you’re here. Reading."
 - Twinkie chan of twinkiechan.com
So true and so right for me - thank you twinkie chan for putting words to this thought!

I'm getting back into my books big time and right now reading the first of the Hunger Games Triology and nearly finished it in one day! I tend to stay away from books that hit the big time on TV and film...but at times I do give the book a chance and i deliberately avoided the film due to its crazy fan-dom that reminded me very much of the Twi-light scenario and thought One day I will see the film...It wasn't until Hollie on her blog and a lovely lass I finally got to meet in person at a friend's wedding recommended it (she's big on books to the point her blog gets paper drafts of soon-to-be -published books land on her doorstep, eager for her review!) that i knew to give in and try. I really love Battle Royale and didn't want the book and film to cheaply rip this off....I will admit there's similiarities in concept but there is more depth in places that one had where the othere didn't.
The Books so far look to be goooood! I now want to buy the film...I'm gunna stick with that formula, read the book before the film...i often do anyway without realising the film is being made and it gives me, a deafie a chance to understand what is going on!

Getting little texts from friends randomly through the day, some simply saying "hope you have a nice day!" from peeps who hearing that from them means the world! others saying "My cat just ran off with the last of my bacon!"....and others yet... "hey birdie, i need a virtual hug and sympathy...." I'm here guys, for you always!

I'm eagerly awaiting my first ever Etsy purchase to come either tomorrow or wednesday....I cant wait to see it and show it off! I bought it from one of the craftster's i feature reguarly on the blog and she gave me a wonderful discount (thank you!) that allowed my limited funds to actually buy what I wanted! It is so guarenteed to make me smile and I can see people I know loving and laughing at it!
so excited....squeeeeee! :3

Tomorrow I have to take Bruce the fur-baby bunny into the vet for the *whispers*...snip....
I really do have a ramphant rabbit and I waited for him to reach sexual maturity before making my decision and I'm hoping this will calm him down....apparently it will according to the lovely vet lady who too, has a house rabbit. Up at the crack of dawn to wrestle him into a box and take him down....
Poor baby-kins...mama is so horrible to you but you will get lots of huggles!

I'm doing good, I'm hanging on here!

Birdie Love

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