Monday, 3 September 2012

Past few days...

hello peeps!

Hope you are well from where you are in this crazy old world! I havent been too gret these past few days but I'm hoping things will get better and I will get well again soon! Having insomnia and a cold and what ever else just sucks!
Feeling a bit rough and up against the world at the moment but hey ho!

 I've started a birthday gift for my mum, including hand embroidery for the first time since my accident, which left me with weak hands that shake a lot and have very little physical strength in them at all. a bit of karate and sewing is helping them get stronger though!
 Not bad eh? Yes, it could be better but for someone who couldn't pick up a pencil let alone a needle for a very long time...this is just awesome for me! it's a small step but it shows i'm getting there and getting stronger! I hope to later on show you an update of the gift, It is looking amazing and it is coming together really well!

 The other day, Insomnia kicked my little butt severely to the point I nearly went three days without sleep. At one point I got so fed up, I walked to Macdonalds for breakfast before the sun was even up properly!
 Not bad i say! Reminds  me of wonderful breakfasts i've had abroad in america, france and china! Yummers!

 *gasp* weak spot! Vespas! This little beauty had me properly transfixed in admiration for a good while, although not mint green, its still so beautiful no? look at the chrome work!

I was bored and there's a bald patch on the wall in my house that needed a quirky I sewn up a portrait of a ninja....a really good good, ya can't see him!
this got a few laughs and chuckles from friends online and visitors to the house and the great thing is the white thread glows in the dark...for added, sneaky ninja-effect! I hope this little piece captures the quirky, nerdy humour I want Birds Nest to represent both blog and future business/craft wise!

 yummy! I love chocolate coated pretzels! And for years every christmas i always make my own as you can't readily buy them in the uk without paying stupid amounts for them. This pack is a little exspensive for what it is, I think they were exploiting the fact that choccy pretzels are much as i love the chocolate, I was missing the salty tang these should have, like the ones in america and the ones i make (i even sprink a bit of salt onto the chocolate as it dries and it always gets great raves from family and friends who recieved them as gifts.)...basically these were too sweet and needed a kick of salty something!

ha! Look what i found baby! My hubby will be seeing Paul Gilbert soon and good for him! (paul gilbert is on the right of this record cover!)...loving the crazy hair dudes! Hubby is hoping to get this signed by the man himself after the guitar session so would be nice for him, especially since this was the first record he ever bought as a child! Bless!
when I made the initial booking for him to go, two of the organisers overheard me saying something about me being deaf and told me that Gilbert himself is partly deaf and If I was to go, he would love to see another hearing impaired person there and that they would even pay for an interpreter to sign for me. I replied "but I'm deaf, i'm not gonna hear nothing!"
They told me Gilbert had relearnt to play the guitar by vibrations and sensory techniques and he would proberly explain more on the night and maybe show me a thing or two! That sounds great and maybe I should give this a go, music is something i love but it intimidates the hell out of me also!
whether i do go or not, remains to be seen but they already promised and secured the hubby front row seats either way - a nice suprise for him when i tell him later on! (he's been determined to hide out in the back row, in fear of being pulled up on stage!)
I very much love to see how someone of Gilbert's level gets over this hearing loss and works with it, not against it.

Well I hope to be back later on today, but for now I wish you all well and a great week a head for you!

Birdie Love

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