Tuesday, 18 September 2012

View of Plymouth via sea

here is a collection of shots taken on a hot day at sea, which i finally got around to sharing! Hope you enjoy! Plymouth has one of the most brilliant stretches of shoreline in the southwest in my opinion! I hope people will come and enjoy this city and all it has to offer!
 View of the hoe with the big wheel and smeaton's tower alongside the promenade and tinside lido
 Drake's Island - privately owned bya local football manager who rents the place out to schools and clubs for watersports
 Royal William Yard
 one of the many marinas holding local and privately owned yatchs and boats. its worth mentioning some of these boats are owned by millionnaires and moored here for the winter or out-of-season months!
 19th century ship yard with a ship's figure head of King William IV for whom the yard is named after.
 Plymouth dockyard where a lot of commercial, private and military ships are made
 A lot of navy vessels come here for maintanace and there is always a strong navy presence as well as other military forces here in the city and its surroundings. Plymouth always have and always will be a military place i guess!
 look closely....submarines!

 Plymouth sound waters can be dangerous as well, as the many wrecks shows. However the waterways into the sound is easily navigaed now via buoys and markers

 Torpoint and mount Edgecumbe opposite the sound

 Right on the horizon is the breakwater, a massive wall designed to protect the land and harbour from the heavy sea, it is where many ships moor to wait their turn to enter port. Frigates, submarines and huge military ocen carriers make for a usual everyday sight along this piece of water.
 closer look at drake's island
 a view of mount battern with it's tower. Mount Battern during the second world war was where the famous seaplanes were based and close by was where T.E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) was stationed...he lived and worked in the services annonymously after being famous for his exploits in the Arab Revolt and the capture of Aqaba etc...

back to the barbican where the adventure began! Here is many features including the Pilgrims step where the Mayflower set sale to America with the founding fathers onboard. (america - this is where it all began!)

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