Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Right now...

love it!
  • is tired, stupid phobia of sleeping is making it hard and I think I'm getting so use to the meds im on, they are no longer of use...hmmm....
  • Can't wait for my custom made skirts to come through from all the way from America! the fabric is designed personally by the designer so I'm looking forward to seeing it in person! 
  •  misses the pug. I keep looking around for him and half expecting to trip over him most of the time!
  • thinks its a shame I don't have an x-box or playstation 3 as the resident evil 6 game looks great and i love Leon Kennedy!
  • right now is thinking "what an utter nightmare!" - like you do!
  • Is doing well, I had a dummy run and today a long meeting but I might be going back to work soon! slowly to start with and build up from there. It's unlikely I can work full time any more and physically we all don't know what I can do. I only very recently gotten my hand strong enough to hold a pen and a needle but still physically can't do much...and my brain is so freaking awful...but we will see!
  • Can't wait to watch my new batman DVDs! 
  •  Is wondering what does the new Bond, 007 aftershave smells like?! Bit random for a merchadise I think1 And when does Bond drink beer?!
  •  Has her new books all lined up and can't wait to begin the lengthy task of selecting what to read and reading them! 
  • Is about to sew up her prizes for the Bird's Nest draw on Facebook! awesome!
  • Is feeling very blessed by wonderful friends. I love being there for them as much as they been there for me.
  • Is in love with her new Ice Cream baubles bought for me by my muma, as a treat for after an extremely taxing meeting. pictures to come - these babies are not just for christmas!
  • speaking of my muma, is looking forward to taking her to the cinema tomorrow to see Anna Karenina. A costume drama - that is what we need!
  • Thinks some of her close friends could do with a birdie hug - they are special hugs i have you know!
  • is thrilled my parents and brother are getting a wonderful chance to go to the Falklands as part of a veterans charity. Im sure it will be a fascinating experience for them and hopefully be helpful and healing for my dad, a wonderful man.
  • Agrees with my mume at lunch today, she feels this family is getting a new start. I hope so Muma, we deserve it I like to think, especially you.
  • really wants to dress up as catwoman for halloween...just need the monies, excuse and a party to go to now!
  • just reminding myself "i'm still here. I'm doing ok. I'm stronger than I know" and each day I'm one step closer to believing that - corny i know!

How are you right now?

Birdie Love

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