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Mulan craft share

hello! welcome back to another craft share! Boy are these popular! And rightly so! These craftsters in all my craft shares are just producing amazing things and deserve every shout out they get!

This craft share is based on my favourite story of all time...Mulan!
It is also happens to be my favourite Disney movie too! (I'm such a little girl at heart!)
Mulan if you don't know is a chinese legend of a young girl call Hua Mulan who takes her father's (or brother's - depending on what story you read!) place in the army. There is so much mystery and charm to this story and its such a fascinating one too! There's been many retelling of this story both in the book world and film-verse!

So this craft share is inspired by this unusual but hopefully amazing theme!

Mulan Cameo Necklace
 This is perhaps the mulan image a lot of people know and recognise...and i personally love! This is Disney's representation of her captured wonderfully in this awesomely kitsch but sweet cameo! (my weakness! How you found it!)
Do check out this wonderful shop belonging to Amylynn as some of the cameos here are just beautifully made! I'm seriously lusting after the skull lady cameo! *starts saving coppers*

Keychain Hand Stamped Adversity Double Sided Keychain Hand Stamped 3003 Pure Aluminum Lightweight by CandidGrace
The Disney film has many wonderful quotes and songs in it and perhaps the most well known quote is this one as show above in this wonderful key chain! I really like this baby for being so subtle and sweet and I know my keys would be proud to have this adorning them!

and I must point out...this is hand stamped! As someone who worked in silversmith I'm like..."wow"!

Mushu Perler Magnet

Mulan's side kick is of course Mushu! (as voice by Eddie Murphy!) and I'm loving the perla beads look! I had to admit at first I have had reservations about the whole crafting/perla beads/pixel art thing but it has actually grown on me especially after seeing wonderful things people have achieved with it!

Debra of YumesPixelCrafts has this to say as well - "Put this adorable guardian on your fridge so you can protect your ice cream from the clutches of your roommate!"

Knowing Mushu...he's more than likely to eat the ice cream himself than protect it!

Do, do, do check out this shop for its wonderful perla/pixelated curios! I'm in love with the perla bead braclets and the Gotham City Sirens photoframe...oh and the InuYasha picture frame.....oooh....and the Pikachu mini get the idea!....

Maybe a vincent valentine of FF7 pixel picture would  be nice? *eyebrows wiggles* Hint hint!

Large Yellow Embroidered Chinese Dragon Fleece Plush
I think this plushie is awesome and different as well! Would would turn down a chance to cuddle a chinese dragon?!
But I especially love what VikViks has to say about this little fella!

I hand-embroidered the dragon symbol and some clouds on his body. They're very subtle, so it's a nice surprise when you find them. ^_^ This dragon sort of looks like a pig-cow-dragon, but I feel like that adds to his hideous cuteness! I tried to include essential features of a Chinese dragon like his mustache, antlers, his firey back and legs, and, of course, his firey mane and tail!

You'd love some cuddle time with this dragon! Just look at his round face and arm-nubbins! So. Nubbiny.

I dont know what Nubbiny is but heck I love that word and Nubbiny describes him very well! (and he aint a pig-cow dragon with hideous cuteness! He's a distingushed fella!)

Lei - Chinese doll
 "Lei, pronounced Lee, means Flower bud"
And isn't she pretty? She's got a lovely face hasn't she? And such beautiful clothes too! whichever little girl who ends up having her will be so lucky! Don't you just want to give her a cuddle?!

Freshwater Pearl Chinese War Horse Statue Original Design

This lovely freshwater pearl horse sparkles! It features handbeaded stirrups, and reins. The entire horse is covered with small freshwater pearls. Modeled after the famed Chinese War Horses discovered in royal caverns

Wow! A horse made from pearls! I never thought I see something like this and it's quite something isn't it? He reminds me of Mulan's horse called Khan, wonderfully poised and strong! I'm actually quite lost for words over how amazing this figure is! This would make one hell of a family heirloom one day wouldn't it?

Rice bowl handthrown in porcelain.
 This rice bowl was thrown on my pottery wheel using a mixture of porcelain and strong white stoneware clays--for beauty and strength.
While the clay was still damp I cut little holes to hold the chopsticks.
It would be perfect for any oriental meal.

This bowl is my favourite shade of duck-egg blue and I have a weakness for ceramics and crockery that makes you want to hold them and have a good weight to it. This fits the bill!
My favourite comfort food is plain rice with soy sauce and I have a ritual of putting it into a nice bowl and eating it slowly, taking my time to enjoy each bite. Its the whole senses, the feel of the bowl, the tang of tastes rushing to your mouth, the smell....everything! It's my wabi sabi moment! I can envision myself eating out of this bowl and enjoying it in my hand very much!  

Hand printed art tile 4" square
 I very much like this tile for beingso fierce and different and what more, what I like is what they have to say-

They are printed on a lovely oatmeal tile. Made in Italy and found as discontinued stock about to be skipped. These tiles are re-fired to over 900 degrees, so the image is permanently sunk into the glaze and are not to be confused with non-fired transfers that just lay of the surface. Now up-cyclyed and made into a little bit of affordable art.

Get that? this is not a a transfer designed tile but the real thing! So much effort and attention going into this sweet little thing! And wonderfully, they are doing their bit for the environment and upcycling tiles into something wonderful! I find these make an excellent coster for your hot cuppa tea!
And what more, I had to show you the packaging as it shows the label for this shop..."Mad in Britain...Yes we are all quite mad here aren't we?!
Hand printed art tile 4" square
Brilliantly original!

peacock hand painted spanish fan FREE SHIPPING

I love fashion and all its bits and pieces but i have a weakness for fans, i really do adore them and love a good fan, there's something about them that just appeals to me and I have a small collection at home. At one point for my wedding, I wasn't going to have a bouquet of flowers but a small Georgian style fan made of ostrich feathers and pearls...alas..i went with the flowers!

This is a beautiful handpainted fan and I love the colours and design of it! so elegant and pretty to hide your face behind whenever you feel coy!

Hand Painted Art Decorative Pillow Cover 18 x 18,do you want to have a try
 This is a Chinese girl and her panda friends life stories, they meet a lot of people a lot of things, including a lovely death and his partner, a pillow, is a story, you can free the imagination.

The little girl and the pandas to flying a kite, death and his partner also came, the girl asked the death, you want to have a try? Death said:" no, thank you! " Partner Crow had laughed.

Sometimes the story behind the product is just as brilliant as the product itself! Fawne Chan says her english isn't good and says states that if someone understands her, that is "wonderful".
I think we understand your story very well and the hand painted (yes! Hand painted!) cushion is fabulous and beautifully bright! so adorable!

20 Felt Fortune Cookies
Awwww! awesome! little chinese fortune cookies that you don't destroy for once! I love the shape of these babies and absolutely for some strange reason hate seeing these get smashed!...but I love getting my fortune though!
So these are the best of both worlds and actually these would make a great, unusual gift to someone or a dinner table favour! I would however be so very naughty and change the favours to something more ruder or horrible for a laugh!
Dragon Necklace
How sweet is this? I swear just by looking at this, my gaze would somehow cause the perspex to snap! Look at the details and how THIN it is in places! I will admit I'm a little bored with seeing big, chunky acrylic jewellery but this blows them away! I love this! It is so fierce and striking! Its worth a look around the shop for some nice, bright pieces..I've earmarked the frog earring and necklace...they are damn amazing for me! (cos frogs rule don't cha know?!)

UNIQUE - - Chiese Paper-cutting Art / Chinese Paper-cutting Picture

The ideas of this picture are from Chinese traditional culture. The shape of this picture likes a Chinese fan. The flowers in the pictures are peonies. Peony is Chinese national flower, it means auspicious and wealthy. The birds means spring is coming, everyone is full of vigour.

I love oriental papercuttings, I can't begin to tell you just how thin and delicate the paper used in this art is...i mean even a fly's fart could blow it away! (i surely jest!) and I collected these when I was younger, carefully storing them and pulling them out every once in a while to admire. Some are very colourful as they can be carefully dyed and painted with inks after being cut. But overall this artform is amazing to watch and to enjoy! I really admire the piece as it is handcut and comes with a beautiful description of the piece  - I've learnt something!

Chinese Paper Cutting - Longevity
 "Chinese Paper Cutting or Jianzhi is the first type of papercutting design, since paper was invented by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. The art form later spread to other parts of the world with different regions adopting their own cultural styles.

In traditional Chinese thinking. Cranes and pine trees symbolize longevity. This artwork I did by hand, a lots of details."
A lot of details? A LOT OF DETAILS?! You blown me away lady! Look at it! Just amazing! And remeber it is all hand cut! imagine the labout of love that goes into this! And the end result is just so amazing! That paper is the yellow you're seeing, its not a print or laser's all by hand! And man I love that yellow shade used, it so striking!

Felt Sweets - Chinese Mooncake Set of Two Pretend play and Home Decor (Ready to Ship)
Now I laughed and clapped my hands when I saw this but then realised I dont think a lot of people would know what this is...This here is a moon cake! These are typically given to family, friends and the people in your life during the moon festival. It's a very rich cake made with a lot of egg yolk do i know this? I was in Hong Kong during the festival and the hotel (5 star ya know!) gave all their patrons one and had some gala held in  honour which we enjoyed! This was a nice blast from the past and well worth showing you all! I think this is so cute and just happy to see it!

Chinese Take Out Chow Mein Necklace
And here's the one thing chinese we all know so well....Chinese take out!

 The foods are hand sculpted by me from polymer clay, down to each little noodle, and the takeout container design was hand drawn in Adobe Illustrator. The silver plated chain is 16" in length and attached to a strong, magnetic clasp.

Not only is it cute, just read the aount of work and details that gone into this little thing! Even the design on the box is hand drawn on computer.....woooooow! Attention to detail here cannot be faulted and how on earth do you make noodles?! and make them look so good to eat?!

Wow what a great craft share, no?
All these people from around the world have made some truely fantastic things and it's my pleasure to share them with you!
Nice work!
What do you think?

Birdie Love

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