Wednesday, 5 September 2012


 I say "let sleeping guinea pigs lie"!  (what a cutey!)

 drooled over beautiful DC vans! cute and loving the batwoman ones but I seen Catwoman ones I desire even more! (plus its a lot of money for what is essentially a pair of pumps!)

 Saw a Vans trainer with four tounges...count them....FOUR! Why does it need FOUR?!

I've ear-marked my next pair of Vans...Hello Kitty ones! (decent price too!)

 I had a well deserved soak in the bath for a long while...a real rarity for me!

 Enjoyed a nostalgic drink...a coke float! I had these all the time as a kid!

 Enjoyed a lovely mexican lunch with the hubby (and saw a cute smile on his face when I told him I scored him front row seat to the Paul Gilbert workshop! - awwww!)

 Enjoyed a walk around the barican
 and a bit of thrifting where i scored a few pieces of embroidery!
Hope you had a great day today whatever you do!

Birdie Love

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