Saturday, 29 September 2012

in the last few days...

 I fell in love with a Topshop dress, pale green with silvery gold beautiful well as this rather funky black and gold brocade dress!
 lusting after these studded slip on pumps! If i was to kick your butt wearing these - you'd know about it! :P
 Pug and batman pants! I love those batman pants! I just bought myself a great batman t-shirt in a lovely design different from your typical batman logo *strokes t-shirt lovingly* i wanted one for a while but wanted something different. these pants might be the perfect thing to wear with these! And as for those puggy pants...they make me miss Wiggles!
 Enjoyed a huge custard cream that was actually very nice to gnaw on!
 Fell in love with this little handbag....Oh I so want this baby!
 Loving these french bulldogs mugs and teapots and that red mug in the corners has an awesome saying on it "Stand for something or step aside" How true!
Gave my dad a present for no reason other than he's a great dad. Steak! I think I'm an awesome daughter!

How your day going?

Birdie Love

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