Saturday, 8 September 2012

today was a good day...!

 I thought i share with you a little picture that made me's Indy with his new sign!
I love the sign as it makes me cackle with laughter....i dont think i need to explain much more than that and why do i?! Look at his little chubby wubby face! :3

And now.....*drum rolls* ...I present to you... my new bike!
 Ta da!  It's a big brute, heavily made up for mountain riding, huuuuuge tires!...  (thank you to the hubby for modelling it!)
 This baby is collaspable and it can be stripped right down to the frame and easily reassembled! I love it so much! I bought it off ebay and it came with a whole bunce of extras that the seller didn't say...I got the maintanace kit, pump, lights, lock chain and a few other bits....the guy just wanted it gone and I got it and it was ready to roll!
All for £45....a brilliant bargin! yay!
 So today I took it for a spin! I havent been able to ride well especially since the accident, I had no strength and balance at all. Today I wobbled everywhere, I panicked and wanted off, I was so scared thinking i was going to crash due to being so weak and unsteady but then I stbbornly kicked myself onwards and I managed to cycled around 6 miles today, to and from my parents house.
 I had to take a few breaks, I was so weak but I wanted to do this and I could feel myself growing in confidence and was pleased at every break I took that I actually got that far! The bike was a dream to cycle, runs smoothly, and suspension and breaks were perfect!
 I took a nice scenic route, enjoying the flat cycle paths and fresh air and brilliant weather!
 As the journey went on, i felt my legs tremble with exhaustion but I was flying and nothing was going to stop my ride! I was getting stronger with every meter and my balance straightening itself out!
 I got to my parents house and by then I was shaking with exhaustion, I'm still so weak but I made it! I bursted into tears...stupid I know but I finally did it, after all these months and it being towards a year now since my accident, I could finally get something back in a way. I could ride a bike. I'm getting stronger and more confident and I'm doing well to still be alive today!

 I was rewarded by a nice tea with home grown vegables I helped my father plant and tended to over the summer and wonderful crushed new potatoes with greens and mint works...i cant begin to tell you how yummy this is!

I rode home and man my legs were burning and everything but i did it! I shouted about it on facebook and saying how stupid it was but here i am! and the response was amazing...its a great thing to share with friends who understand the journey....thank you all so much! The messages, texts, comments and likes is just brilliant! I'm so pleased I could share this news with you all!

Today was a great day!
I love my bike!

And now I'm getting ready for a wedding tomorrow of two of my good mates!

How is everyone today?
Birdie love

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