Tuesday, 18 September 2012


You know you recieved a good parcel when the envelope comes with stickers on the back...
 ...and the front!
 ooooh, what could it be?!....oooooh what lovely printed paper!
 yay! It arrived! My custom made hand sewn "birdie" brooch by Rainbow and Stitch
 Jessica Reeves made this for me and included a lovely hello kitty (how did you know i j'adore le kitty?!) handwritten note - thank you! I love personal touches!
 Isn't it awesome?!
 I'm in love! I quickly put it on to show it off but I'm already planning a wonderful outfit to show it off!
It gotten the Wiggles seal of approval too! Nice one jessica!

I love recieving parcels and its even better when it's somehting of a hand-crafted nature! it completely rocked my world today!

Rainbow and Stitch - thank you very much! Great job!
Go check out the shop!

Birdie Love!

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