Tuesday, 25 September 2012


 We had pizza for lunch to celebrate a great weekend with friends and Paul Gilbert as well as me returning to work soon after a dummy run in office.

 Took the puggy baby for one last walk around the blokc before his grandma picked him up, will miss the little bugger!

 Went blackberry picking in the local neighbourhood and scored loads of blackberries that now been wahsed and frozen to be put into pies and jams! I love it when nature provides you free food!

 went thrify book hunting with the hubby and scored myself all these books! (hubby only got 2!) what a great haul and cheap as chips! and such a diverse range of books too! more to read and review on this bloggy!

I'm particularly pleased to have scored this graphic novel! Farenheit 451which is a hard to find american graphic novel that is well recieved and reviewed so pleased to finally stumble on this beauty!

And a wonderful parcel was at home for me! The latest Kurosagi Corspe Delivery Service has arrived and I'm so happy! I took my time reading the manga slowly and enjoying the art and storyline!
Strongly recommend these books!

I seriously got so many books but like hubby says, its worth stock-piling loads for the winter months ahead where we can't go out but nest inside the house with a good book - i liking that idea!

How are you today?
Whose your favourite author?

Birdie Love

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