Friday, 7 September 2012

yay day!

 Lates night often mean late night snack for me of lates! For me its a nice cheese plate with gooseberry and elderflower chutney and crackers....yummy!
 came home from karate last night and met this fella...this big fella! I'm not afraid of spiders but  I do admit he is BIG!
 late night choccy mint ice cream with home made hot choccy fudge sauce - delish!
 Sewing the night away!
 Finished! Its a large drawstring bag for my mum's birthday! I used fabrics she wanted me to buy and make something from as she liked it that much.
 Handstitched vintage mother-of pearl buttons and lace with hand embroidered "Mum"

cute lining no?
 The finished piece, all drawn up!
what you see might be a hand embroidery saying "mum" but what i see is a hand embroidery saying "mum" sewn by me after nearly a year of trying to get my body physically fit and enough strength and control in my hand to actually pick up a needle and hold it long enough to sew. yay!
 today a large parcel and a smal one arrived. the small one contained my wonderful piece of designer make-up freebie sent for me to try out and review after a blog account I did-yay! But whats in the big box? The name on it might be a clue...
 *sings* I like big books i cannot lie!
oooh i love opening parcels, havent done it in ages!
 My books are here! All 14 of them! all decently priced! About £90+ worth of books that i paid £17 for.....oh yeah! Mama gunna be reading for a while!

And to top it off, this evening, the nice man bought over to my house my new collaspable mountain bike! I won it on ebay and it was so cheap! I even got a whole load of bonuses thrown in which I was lock, bike lights, bike bag and a cute bike bell!
I'm in love! I will post more pictures of it up sooner!
Today is a good day!

Birdie love

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