Sunday, 23 September 2012


Let me introduce you to Trudy bunny the night light! I saw this a while ago and these been much loved by designers that they been quite hard to find but find I did and she is now mine!
I picked her up from Tavistock, where showing my muma, even she said how cute it was and how much she liked it...coming from my mum...if she like - you buy!

Trudy is currently at home on one of the lounge coffee tables but with the winter months coming, she will no doubt be moved around the house, lighting dark corners and probably end up in the bedroom where she can be admired in all her cute, glowing glory  whilst snuggling under the warm covers!

You know when you buy something that just makes your life a little brighter and you look forward to having it in your home and life? Trudy is just that for me at the moment!

Birdie love

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