Tuesday, 25 September 2012

this weekend gone...

 I put a pug to bed. I actually carried him asleep from the sofa to his basket and tucked him in then sat with him until he was asleep....i'm finally open about being a wuss!
 laughed at englishmen and their cars! so cool!
 watched hubby demolish a duck sandiwch he cooked himself!
 enjoyed some french fancies...oh la la!
 loving some of the goodies that came in my mum's Glossy Box this month. I got some hair oil and eye cream - yay! The lady gaga perfume smells different to how i thought, bit heavy but not too bad. what is worrying though is when i sprayed it on my wrist to sniff it, the perfume came out as an inky grey liquid.....worrying!
 had a little brief shopping trip to Totnes, its so pretty in the autumn. the shops are all beautifully dressed in the windows, the leaves are wonderful on the pavements and trees and the air had a distinct autumnal chill to it.
 window shopping in Totnes is beautiful...such wonderful designer fabrics!
 and an amazing dress!
 Flowers outside the boutique flowershop are so beautiful and made up or such wonderful varieties and hues you not seen before...
 ...that I bought my mum a small bouquet. so stunning! It had roses, autumnal berries, snap dragons and herbs. such an unusual boquet as well! My mum was very happy!
I found a beautiful dress with such a wonderful printed fabric!

Gems all over! It looks like something from a shop or musuem and I love the nerdy twist to it! I'm now desperately hunting down this dress online, in my size!

 wonderful boutique filled with beautiful houseware and furniture, with a bit of vintage thrown in..like this antique chipatti board you can see above...
 Cant's get enough of these beautiful flowers...

 Such an english, autumnal thing to do...sorting out cobnuts and husking them ready to be baked into something!
 the seasonal glut of mushrooms too is amazing to see. Including the variety above that turns blue once picked!

Birdie Love

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