Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lydford Gorge

Lydford Gorge is a wonderful place on earth.  its an amazing trail over stunning landscape a while away from Tavistock in Devon.

 The gorge si full of wildlife and amazing plantlife...

 as well as woodland sculptures and art...
 and home to any waterfalls of various sizes and heights!
 Tight cliff edge paths that are so on the edge that one wrong move would send you onto the rocks below. I wanted to take more pictures but me and muma were too scared to get the camera out in fear of falling over the edge such is the danger of some of these paths!
 we saw wild trouts swimming up stream

 amazing tunnels riddled the place at intervals
silent glades with babbling brooks where you could sit and enjoy the serenity

It ended with a part of the river called the Devil's Cauldron, water churning at great speed and depth and walls of rock standing high and casting us into darkness

 The place was alive with the thunderous roaring of water...i can't begin to describe how loud it was!
 You could only access it via a tiny rock-edge path which was scary!
 you could see where the water cut huge paths of rocks away over the years

It's truely is a an amazing place to go for a walk, Its about 3 miles as the crow flies and takes around 2 and a bit hours of constant walking, with a lot of steps and uphill climbing...not suitabke for people with mobility problems or unsteady/not fit.
Its been said by many visitors that its one of the most beautiful places to walk and I can see why!

 White Lady Falls...a 30 meter waterfall

beautiful isn't it?

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