Thursday, 13 September 2012

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If you are anything like me, you love reading blogs and are always on the look-out for a new, exciting or interesting ones to read and follow!
I have been asked what blogs i follow and here are some I strongly recommend are worth a browse!

talesfrombettybeetowers. - This is a wonderful blog composed by the wonderful Betty Bee, a self employed lady with many strings to her bow! Check out her divine photos and clothes! She oozes glamour and I think she is a fantastic example that if you're a "little bit bigger" than normal (so what? we are all normal?!), she shows you can still dress sassy and beautifully and my god I love that lady to bits for her ballsy personality! She also runs some awesome make-up tutorials and recommendations and its through her I now have the prettiest eyes around! Thank you!

Posie gets cozy -  this is one of the more popular blogs out there and deservingly so! Amazing photography from an amazing woman who lives a beautiful life many of us adore toadmire and gaze at! Go and have a look and get suckered into her wonderfully warm world!

skunkboy  - Katie and her trademark flame-red hair shares with us a wonderul world with her young family, revealing many things to do with tattoos, wonderful clothes, scrummy foods, whimsical jewellery and beautiful pictures. Also a well known crafster herself, she is someone I love for her quirky yet down to life views!

Much ado about books - if you love books then this is worth a read in itself! Hollie, a lovely lass and a mutual friend - finally! (hello Hollllie! *waves*) loves books that she reads and shares about them here. She describes a wonderful variety of books in such a way, you appreciate her avid description of characters and plots but also her straightforward opinion overall. I really do wish I could describe a book much like her, rather than my standard..."It's good - go read it/crap - burn it!" She must be doing something right as she is now reguarly sent books from publishers to review...not that i'm jealous! :P

Live love cherish - Ah! This blog is by the out-of-this-world Gina...Gina, Gina, could I describe such a wonderful lady that no words does her justice? Gina was someone I went to Art College with, here in Plymouth and I admired her strong sense of character and spirit so much that even now, I'm in awe of her! (can you tell I got a crush on this lass?!) She creates wonderful things and shares them on her blog that makes you appreciate just slowing down in this frantic rat-race and seeing the beautiful in every day life.  Have a read and you won't regret it!

There are of course millions more that could be shared but these should tide you over for the moment! After all these are the ones I read a majority of the time and are just amazing and hope you like them too!

Any blogs out there you think I should read?

Birdie Love

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