Monday, 10 September 2012

wedding daze

 At our good friends wedding, we danced on a dance floor that looked like stars!
 Wonderful star wars cufflinks worn by the awesome are they? Good old etsy!
 Pretty little brides maids..and there were a few of them!
 To the bride herself in a wonderful dress with cathedral length veil that twinkled like stars
 for some it was too much though....!

 Hello Lovely liz! This amazing lady made the dress she was wearing and that beautiful birds nest necklace! how sweet and amazing is that? such an brilliantly beautiful lady and so talented too!

 butterflies and diamonds everywhere on our tables!

 we dined like kings on wonderful roast dinner!
 The reception was helped in a wonderful napoleonic fort riddled with tunnels and dugouts, still wonderfully intact and had working cannons that fire across plymouth on major calender days...and today for the wedding!

 sweet, sweet dessert!
 wonderful personal touches from the married couple made the day special too!

 wiggle money! Never have we seen a cuter bank note! I think this pug should be on all of them!

And chocolate...who can forget the chocolate?!

It was a nice day and brilliant company, food, drinks and times were shared! the bride was absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful, i'm so thrilled to see them both finally married, they truely suit and deserve each other!

Birdie Love

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  1. Great photos from the day! I didn't actually see the Wiggles bank notes!


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