Monday, 1 October 2012


At the Stitches show, there was an amazing exhibition of locally made quilts. the colours, styles, techniques and overall finish of these pieces were absolutely mind-blowing that I had to share!
I tried to get a full image of the quilts in their entirety but the space I ahd to work in was so small that in the end I just focused on parts of the quilts that got my attention, but nonetheless you should ger the idea of how the whole thing looked!

 How striking is this quilt? I think the colour selection used is amazing!

A close up of all the detailing used in this one piece. I admire how sharpe each square looks in relief!

 I actually like this one as it shows just how relatively simple a quilt design can be!

 The hours that must have gone into these circles is mindblowing!

This piece is titled Autumn leaves which you can cleverly see!

I have not got the skill or patience for quilts of this level...I'm still struggling to complete my first ever quilt! (though I'm hoping to, in time for christmas!)

What do you think?

Birdie Love

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