Monday, 15 October 2012

a weekend away

I'm back!
How are you all? Hope you are well!

I've been away and taking time out amongst other things which has been great to do!
I went away for a girly weekend to celebrate a hen-do! It wasn't your typical, drunken do, it was a very nice affair where we all used the local facilities and did zorbing, tree climbing, swimming and well as par-take in using the spa and treatments!
We had a ball staying in these wonderful little wooden lodges that made us all think of those alpine ski-lodges and pixies working away in santa's grotto so by the time we got in, we all felt so christmassy and cosy!
there's nothing like gathering around a cosy table in a warm room full of girlies in pjamas and sharing wine!

I had to show you the door handles in the place! they are branches!
The view is stunning in the morning, with the lodge and it's balcony so high up into the tree line, we could hear the birds singing and see squirrels rustling along branches overhead. The surrounding lands were ours to explore!

The place is so beautiful and peaceful! its really restorative to myself for being here. we all had a chance to rest and do what we wanted and come together in the evenings for food and enjoyment!

We all did some crazy sports like thee water zorbing! Great fun and its like being in a giant cannot stand for the life of you though!
Food there was nice as well as the village we stayed in, so beautiful and so in tune with its natural surroundings!

me with my birdie covered wellies, carrying a bag from the local farm shop full of goodies including locally made sherbet UFO sweeties! Nommers!
yummy locally made cakes for desserts!

don't ask...i was this dude for one night...!
fooooood! I had a whole 12oz steak to myself! rubs belly*

sunday roast was huuuuge! The beef slices alone were massive enough before I even added the vegables and trimmings!
I had the nicest of times dressing to reflect the seasonal change and enjoying the brisk cool air on my walks. I do love autumn!
The farm shop stocked so much local goodies, all so yummy and such a nice treat to buy, take back to the lodge and curl up in the warmth!

The journey home though sucked!
It was nice to take time away and enjoy your own space and reflect, heal and grow.
I had a nice time getting pampered and massaged and came home with lovely painted tootsies and having  some lovely memories of the weekend away.
It was the first time I been away since the accident and it meant alot I could do this and be alright!
go me!

How are you all? Hope you are all well!

Birdie Love!

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