Tuesday, 23 October 2012


we all like a good parcel no?
nothing more exciting than opening up a box that came in the morning post, thrilling with the thought of what inside (even if you already know!) and pretending its christmas!
Yes! Another book delivery people!
A set of books for my lovely nan, to keep her going through the winter months!
I ordered for myself these two books as the pricing was so reasonable and they seem so up my street!
The 4 Ingrediants book is actually quite good! Its gives you an alternative way to look at christmas and actually, why should you splurge on all these fancy ingrediants? it got some great recipes like...
sweet pumpkin galette
apple camembert and potato terrine (it looks so delish that i cant wait to try it!)
salted caramel charms
chocolate tofu mousse
good aren't they? I can see myself trying some in the next few months!

Yup, I ordered god ol' Mollie Makes book and again, its actually rather good! Some ideas in the book are typical and nothing out the ordinary (christmas stockings?) but some like the needle felt cottages, the felt ruffle door wreath (i'm gunna make this!) and the paper string of stars are beautiful and brilliant to see!

Check out Book People, the prices are reasonable and suprisingly cheap and order yourself these books as a crimbo treat, they may just inspire you to keep it simple and enjoy the season!

Birdie Love

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