Tuesday, 16 October 2012

craft exhibition

Going back to the recent blog updates about my visit to the Stitches Exhibition, I was able to look over some beautiful hand crafted and hand sewn pieces people have made as part of their clubs and groups but also as part of several competitions being held in the region.
Some of these pieces were just so stunning and showed such a wide range of skills and looks!

This piece is a beautiful potographic image printed onto fabric, a really nice visual concept on tea time.

I adored this piece! The creator gone for a different approach and looked at India for inspiration and with these heavily sewn and embroidered strips of colourful, jewel like fabric, its so vibrant and tactile and alive!

Hand sewn union jack cushion incorporating the olympics, beautifully made with layered fabrics

A nice, refreshing take on being "british" with St George slaying the dragon, so beautifully sewn and embroidered! Such care and colours!

I'm in awe of this "british wreath"! Such beautifully pulled together with all things that make up our fair island! Look at the details put into this piece!
Im in love with the glitzy tea-bags! Little sequins inside organza tea bag is just so cute and amazing! and the machine embroidered tea label...just a beautiful touch to the over-all finish!

I love that kettle with its little whirls of steam! The amount of details is just staggering and I think this piece actually won first place in its catergory - deservingly so!

This piece was based on the idea I think, of a box/photobook of faded memories with a lovely a muted colour scheme.

This piece is just amazing! Again, the amount of work and thought and creativity that has gone into it is just staggering and alot of people were like "WOW!"

Look at the stitching! i love the colours and how the gold just glistens!

All these free hand, machine embroidered pictures!

The embroidered jubilee teapot, such a nice touch and so detailed and ornate!

And the amazing cakes on their cake stand!....blows your mind doesnt it?! I be very happy if I had just an ounce of these skills in my body!

This is perhaps my favourite piece! I love sweets and these are some of my favs! I love the original view point and perspective the craftster has taken and the carefully selected colours for the otherwise muted scene.

Blows your mind doesnt it that a 12 year old student made this beautiful jacket....and its lined! (the horror! I struggle in my twenties with linings! The shame!)

A corset that i liked very much as it reminded me to be crafty in the way i use fabrics! Lace doillies and embroidered hankies can still make a piece so very wonderful!

I very much enjoyed this exhibit, the diversity shown in many craftsters is staggering and wonderful to see and I amongst many came away inspired!

What do you think? Inspired yourself?

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