Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Brucie Love!

 Saw this recent advert for Cadbury's chocolate and it made me think of my little fur-baby!
You know when things are bad?
The day is just cold, wet amd miserable?
There's no end to the days and weeks and you just want to kick some ass?

 You come home to this little guy and he makes everything alright, in one warm, furry hug and lick!

 I just adore him so! He is such a bright light in the dull, weary days and his wonderful personality and cute looks just melts your heart alittle...especially when he sits on his cushion like he owns the place!

 ...and how he carefully licks and grooms his lovely little ears!

...and sits in his box, rolls around in his box, lies in his box, peers over the edge and plays peekaboo in his box....he's amazing ball of love! he reduces me to a pile of embarassing goo!

Isn't it amazing how animals just make our lives a little more bearable?

Have you got a pet?

Birdie Love


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