Friday, 26 October 2012

insomnia diaries!

Today been the first day in a week roughly where I finally managed to not only sleep well through the night but also to rest and recuperate through the day.
The nights are really long and lonely so I find ways to fill them in any way i can!

 monday night saw me baking cookies for the forthcoming halloween party i'm throwing this weekend (yay!)!
These babies turned out really chocolatety, gooey and my hubby returned from work to eat 7 to 9 of these in one sitting!

 On tuesday night, I took to decorating a pair of white trainers in glitter! I wanted a pair of glittery sneakers for a long while but at the prices charged, I thought it would be cooler to make my own pair, especially in colours i wanted!

 I bought this wonderful indigo/teal blue glitter from a recent craft fair and I'm in love with the colour!

 I'm still near finishing and got a lovely pink glitter to stick on in places too...but I'm so loving the project! Glitter just cheers me up, especially after a horrible night of nightmares and tears!

I cant wait to show you the finished result!

Birdie Love!


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