Tuesday, 23 October 2012

my happy place

right now and for a long time, my happy place is in bed, snuggling under my favourite Missoni quilt!

I bought this quilt after weeks of "erm-ing" and "ah-ing" after seeing it in my local TK Maxx where it was full-priced at nearly £120!
I just loved the colours, the soft yellow background with the wonderful pop of multi-coloured pansies and the mustard yellow and pale blue combo just gets to my weak spot every time!
Needless to say I wasn't prepared to pay for it at that price despite it being Missoni and I love pieces of homewear by the brand very much! So i walked away with the whole "If it's reduced and is there the next time then I will buy it!"

It was reduced the next time but only down to £100

everytime i went back, it was coming down in price but still was too much. I had only just bought a house a week or so before christmas, the house had no radiators or heating of any kind, the decor badly needed changing and DIY was urgently needed so to say money was tight was an understatement!

But the house was so cold and gray and flat and I knew that this quilt would be just the thing needed. The one thing that could make it just right and a pop of happy colour and snugglyness!

One day after several weeks of not seeing it in the shop, I saw it shoved to the back of the shelf and it was marked at £40. I decided tht was low enough for me and the colour scheme of the quilt was obviously not to everyone's taste hence why it been left behind when all other colours flew off the shelf.

I was in love! That winter and our first christmas, was spent under this quilt and every year when the weather gets colder, it comes out and covers the bed wirth its wonderful toasty glory!

Its the one thing I doubt I will ever get rid off and will always come with me no matter where i go!

The colours alone lift me when I'm low, having a bad depression/head injury day and for that alone, this piece is so worth it!

...and it's Missoni!

I love it!

Its my happy place!

Birdie Love

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