Thursday, 4 October 2012

Right now...

flower from a Bay Rum tree - quite rare to see!

  • I'm just recovering from a bout of illness/side effects from medication that left me pretty uncontactable (plus with a broken-ish phone that hardly works properly, i haven't been able to speak to anyone easily!) whilst I was resting.
  • Finishing up a sewing project - one of the prizes for the facebook competition! Yay! Just getting my hands used to the action and stuff once again - i'm getting there!
  •  Is going to work in the morning for a few hours. It's going ok, I still get the nervous shakes and stressy moments where I simply have to walk away and take time out. I also am finding out my limitations as physically I'm not the same anymore as i was. Quite hard to accept I guess but I now know there's no use fighting it but starting to accept it will help me further.
  • Packing a little bit, ready for this long weekend away for this hen-do with loads of us girlies! Loads of adventure sports and spa treatments will be a nice distraction deep in the dorset countryside. Phone will be off as well as laptop whilst I enjoy the lodge's private jacuzzi and sauna - hard work eh?!
  • so fustrated at how forgettful I memory is certainly gone wacky since the accident and people are now being told to remind me. I seriously am forgetting things in a space of 30 seconds. I use to be razor sharp, now I hate meeting or seeing people in fear that I forgotten something....what, i can't remember!
  • I love being there for my friends and loved ones, but sometimes when everyone's problems all come at once and my phone is constantly vibrating it equals to one frazzelled birdie! Only so much of me to go around! And I want to take my time supporting individuals!
  • how come we get rid of junk to make space, just to find more junk appear?! Life's flotsam and Jetsam just never stop coming! 
  • I'm getting my groove back and feeling better for it. I'm more chilled out and people are being great with me, a wonderful cast of family and friends too makes all the difference!
  • looks like I finally get that chance to dress up as Catwoman! I'm to be throwing a halloween tea party and the theme, from everyone's dicussions is Marvel Vs DC! mwahahaha! Awesome! Lets see what happens eh?
  • Seriously in love with the hello kitty fabric bought last weekend! It's just so....amazing!

Birdie Love!

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