Friday, 26 October 2012

blog share

Blogs I have recently been reading and thought I share with you (cos they are awesome!)

The dainty Squid - Follow Kaylah, the thrifting queen with her wonderful coloured hair in her bright, cute and cheery blog! The photos in this blog are wonderful and a delight to look at, as well as Kayla's wonderful quirky fashion sense! She comes across as a lady I would very much love to meet in reality and maybe be friends with (that sounds quite stalkerish doesnt it?!) check out her chipmunk pictures (soooo cute you'll die of cuteness overload!)

Citybirds nest - Cristie runs a great blog that certainly leaves you so inspired to travel and get out and about more! Her passion is bike trips away and reading her blog inspired me to make that  jump to get my bike and get out there and see the world!you can follow her ventures into being a tattoo artist and admire her wonder inks of art as well as her crafted pieces!

baby-vegan - (not children friendly due to mature contents) This is a wonderful site to visit for beautiful women, lushious underwear, fabulous food and a brilliant collection of images for all three! Baby Vegan is of course a vegan who is determined to show that by being a vegan you can be sexy too! And believe me this lady is sexy as hell with lovely photography to show for it! She also educates on the background of food production and even though I'm not a vegan, I'm certainly inspired and have more understanding now to be more respectful and curious to where our food comes from. she even gotten me trying out a few vegan dishes, some of which I will be creating, serving and eating this weekend at the halloween party for a vegan friend. This could be the start of a wonderful exploration into vegan foods and recipes!

Style Bubble - perhaps the most famous of all fashion blogs! Follow Susie bubble on her world reknown blog where she travels the world and the many designers to bring us beautiful photos, outfits and collaborations for us to drool over and admire! This lady not only wears the trends but she also sets them so if you wish to be bang on trend, this is the blog to follow!

What other blogs should I read?

Birdie Love!


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