Monday, 1 October 2012

birds of prey textile study

I recently been lucky to come across a bird of prey show on a day out. What strikes me is the diversity of birds, right down to their feathers, patternations and even their talons. They are all so wonderfully different and amazing!
every autumn, owls especially make a reoccuring come back into trends and fashion and when you see the colours of the birds themselves, you really do appreciate how these animals herald the change to cooler months ahead!
That being said, owls despite having a reputation for being wise and clever...they are actually the complete opposite...they are very clumsy, lazy and extremely stupid birds! They actually can hunt during the day as well as night, it just choses to sleep in longer!

saying that, these birds are stunning, especially that golden eagel!

Birdie Love


  1. These photos are beautiful! I love owls and find it fascinating that they have had a complete turnaround in what people see them as symbols of. In Medieval times, they were seen as an omen of death and there are many scary 'owl-man' myths!

    1. I love how owls have been woven through our culture and stories over time! These birds are much respected and admired...though extremely ditzy!


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