Saturday, 27 October 2012

Right now...

  • My house is so cold, very cold....but the heating isn't on as we are simply trying to keep costs down as money is tight....brrrrrrr!
  • Is slightly ahead of schedule with preps for the halloween party tomorrow night! A nice big dinner party with yummy food, and scrummy desserts but more importantly, wonderful friends! I cant wait to greet them all! Just wished I had a bigger house and table to get even more around it! Feeding 14 people? no problem!....feeding an intimate meal for 2?....nope, can't do it...!
  • Can't wait to see my family again! They been abroad in the Falklands (of all the places in the world!) and I missed them so. So much that when I read an e-mail from my muma, i cried.  Thats something new to me!...i don't normally do that!
  • has finished my little batman prize for a friend! little tiny pbatman looks so good with his little felt cape and scowl upon his jaw! Cant wait to show and tell on a later post!
  •  Has seen "Skyfall"! What a great film! Daniel Craig is brilliant in it and its a roller-coasterof a film. And the villian is so creepy in have to watch it!
  • My BFF is finally home! I can see her and my godson! yay! Think I might get her a birthday cake to suprise her with at the meal! And what more, I now officially got a little mini-me! My lovely little Jo-jo kins got her hair cut similiar to me except its red and already we are exchanging hair-tips...i think she carries the style off a lot better than me!
  • is feeling a bit low and just has to remind myself from time to time, "one life- live it." Its too easy to get wrapped up in the negative, problems and other people's lives. i hope to, when things are a little better that I can gain some focus and put my head down a little on small tasks and steps first I think!
  • Speaking of other people's problems, do you ever sometimes just happen to be in a position where you are offered an insight into someone else's life or problems and think "Oh no, I'm staying well away here, that's a problem/split-up/disaster waiting to happen?" ...and more fustratingly, I didn't ask or wanted to know it in the first place?! trouble with this is, once you learn something you can't unlearn it.... I think the best place of action for me is *points over at some spot on the horizon* i'm going to stay the hell away from this mess and not get drawn into it *starts running away to horizon*
  • I don't have the energy or fight in me to defend or every start an argument, and I think in a way, it made things better for me. I'm now more easy to approach and laid back to others. And to me, I feel a lot calmer and more at peace with myself than I did before. Its wasted energy being bitchy, rude or negative about people and life in general and I'm exhausted enough as it is! As soon as my mind even starts thinking of such things, it just automatically shuts down like it won't even go there for its own good. I hope this continues.
  • Is getting mad with insomnia! I had only one!...of decent sleep. the other nights have a write off. Today for example I spent nearly two days without a shread of sleep and it's now going into the third day and i'm not even tired...I think my sleep phobia is gotten stupidly out of hand...I lost count how many times I've woken screaming and attacking shakes me up so bad that I stay awake and leave the hubby to the bed so he at least can get some sleep! ...stupid sleep....
Whats on your mind today?

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