Monday, 1 October 2012

Craft Fayre in pictures

Just a photo dump of all the wonderful things and tactile/textures spotted on the day. this fayre is a visual dream for photos!

 I embarassed my poor friend by screaming "Hello Kitty Fabric!" over and over when I saw a woman cutting this for a customer. Rare and imported only from Japan, I will admit I bought some off the bolt and planning already what to make! It certainly was one of the more popular fabrics that day and I spent the rest of the day hugging my purchase to me, happy as can be!
 Hard to find, rare and higly sought after fabrics, mainly from Japan and other countries! So brilliant to finally see and buy these priceless beauties!

 This is my favourite shot of the day! how bright and sparkly!
 I like the peacock bauble and special mention to the christmas pudding bauble if you can find it!

 printing blocks, both old and new

 I bought some of these sparkly velvet ribbons to become laces in a pair of trainers....can't wait!

 have you ever seen so much glitter?! I bought some for a custom-job...I bought the teal colour In tub numbered 11 as you can see below)

Just some of my buttons bought on the day! Pictures to follow of my wares!

Birdie Love

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