Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween party!

Photo dump of our halloween party!
 Handmade white chocolate fondant pumpkins (made fondant accidentally but decided to make use of them!) sitting on top of the cream cheese and vanilla frosted red velvet cake!
 poor man's cake pops - instructions to come!
 chocolate whoopie mini cake bites!
 white chocolate mint mousse - so popular with everyone that I will share the recipe on a later date!
 Godson dressed as a little baby skeleton!

 Deadpool was in attendance! A wonderful handmade outfit - awesome to the max! (he even made the gun pouches, people!)
 Halloween pumpkin cake with whooping massive candle ready to go....

...and in action! A perfect start to the party and excellent annoucement that food is now ready!


Krypto the Superdog!


 less said the better...
 playtime in the park!
....time to go home I think...!

Its a brilliant time to be had and I'm so thankful to be sharing such a wonderful time with good friends.
the food was mostly made by me and i enjoyed doing it! I love baking for the masses! Its a way for me i guess, to share the love via food!
I was dressed up too...both as Iron man (han) and Zatanna and the other half was Spiderman!

What are you doing for Halloween?

Birdie Love

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