Monday, 15 October 2012


I recenly had the priviledge to visit a small smocking exhibit, where despite the small space, it was packed with so many wonderful pieces of fabrics and clothing that I couldn't get all the photos I wanted as the place was packed and I was jostling elbows with the people next to me all hell bent on getting snapshots as well!

I admire and simply envious of those who possess the skill and the patience to sew embroidery and smocking details like these. I know its something I will hope to learn one day but damn...don't you feel a bit slightest intimidated?!
Some of the details is just mind-blowing!
The little dress and cap alone is worth a closer look, all stitched from the early part of the 20th century! How amazing!
You really do get lost admiring these tiny stitches and details...i really wish I was allowed closer but sadly I could not!

I'm in love with this sample book!
tiny little clothes stitched with tiny examples of stitches...i'm in awe!
Its a nice reminder to break thngs down into small can't smock a dress if you are a beginner but you can smock a tiny little sleeve or dress sample!

...reminds me to build back up my portfolio...*gulps*

Can you do smocking? What do you think?

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