Thursday, 18 October 2012

sweet child

There's nothing more brilliant than going to see a good friend who you havent seen in person for a while! Texts and messages just aren't the same as a good natter!
Especially when I get the chance to play with her little boy, who is one hell of a cool dude!

 I been meaning to visit for ages, then I got ill, she was busy, I was away, she was ill, but the main reason was that I simply chickened out! I still even now get scared to go see friends.
Nothing personal to them at all, if anything, they have been so understanding and supportive...rather it's me. I'm scared of talking, interacting and trying to be "normal" enough to have a decent conversation without me wanting to run away and hide!
I even had a little gift I picked up from the carboot I did a long while ago for the little guy, I saw it and knew he would love it. (And he did!)
I decided enough was enough and told her the next day I was free, so I couldn't fumble for excuses or accidentally double book myself.

It was great! I was lucky enough to go and walk with my friend to pick up her son from nursery whilst walking the family's dog. (he's totally cute and I adore border collies, he's just a soft spot in my heart!)
I'm amazed at how quick the little boy has grown, gone are the days he was a little baby and just learning to crawl and could hold onto things wobblingly in front of me was a proper little person!
So clever and amazing he was! He's not even two and the things he says and sees just makes you think "Where did the time go?!"

I love playing with him, I could play with him for hours. He is that switched on that it's little talking to a little adult at times!
Damn that boy is awesome...he was so awesome that all I could do during the visit was remark how awesome everything he does/says/eats/picks up/points at, was!
Its one of the few times in life when I was stunned...and a little boy did that!
How life is so amazing!
How at not even two, this little boy just wants to see the world and smiles at everything!
His innocence and sweetness actually made me nearly want to cry, especially after hearing a few sweet stories from his mum!
How simply awesome he really was for making me open my eyes to see things!
And how cool he was for letting me hug his teddy!

Sometimes a child has that amazing ability to shift your perspective a little I guess!

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