Sunday, 18 November 2012

what the water gave me

Im not scared of stripping myself back to the bone. Intimacy doesnt scare me either. Which is why for most parts i'm happy to put up a post like this. How can you write a blog or a post without being open and true to yourself and to whoever reads it?

I very rarely get a chance for a bath, I got a house who has a shower room installed from the 70's and baths are my much beloved and much missed luxury. So when a chance came to have one, I took it!

I miss how baths allows you to lie back and enjoy the soak, its aquaeous medium allows my thoughts and feelings to come forth and I am relaxed enough to explore them and see where it takes me.
All the dirt of my worries, pains and negativity can at last wash away even for the briefest of moments and leaves you shiny new and fresh and more balanced in mind, body and soul.

Theres something vulnerable about baths, when you're stripped bare and you have nowhere to hide from your own body, its nakedness, limbs and imperfections.
all your worries, thoughts, daily events, emotion by emotion are held in this vessel of a body and it goes through a lot without us being aware of how much so.
Water just strips away so much, it removes make-up of fakeness, dirt of hard labour, scents of shame, gluttony, joy and perfumed moments.
Water gives me a halo from my own hair, that life hasn't given me and despite all that I am and all the right and wrong doings committed, I feel blessed I'm still here
I guess you can call me a water baby! water is perhaps my favourite element and something if i had my way, spend a great deal of my time in or on!

I'm not afraid of being or appearing vulnerable, it is in my own way, my strength. I know my own weaknesses enough to work with them and build upon it something new and something prouder and stronger.
I know i'm not conventionally beautiful, I just work with that I got and watched my own confidence bloom for it. I only got one body so I might as well be as comfortable as I can in it, and take care of it.
A smile and a willingness to help and to say "hello, how are you?" gotten me further than flashing a bit of skin.
I love watching how my hair float and swirl underwater
Beauty is a warped thing and I can honestly say, some of the most beautiful people I've met are ones who have beautiful souls, as cliche as it sounds! They really do shine in the dark when others feel lost and naturally gravitate towards them.
Its moments in a bath that makes you realise that we carry and want so much but actually need far less. We are victims in our own ways to fail to appreciate that sometimes the most prescious possession we own is our own bodies.
And I'm not perfect...but I don't want to be.

Perfection is over rated and flaws are what makes me who I am and you, you in this crazy world.

Birdie Love

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