Tuesday, 20 November 2012


When I head to cardiff, i always head to my favourite vintage shop for a spot of thrifting of the fabric kind! The amount of goodies i have accumulated from this place is many and this shop has been the obly place Ive found that sells huge variety at a reasonable price!
This retrun to the shop found they have halved their fabric stash-Booooooo! But by no means did I come away empty handed!
 Vintage is vast and varied here! And immensely popular! You have to be prepared to rumage to find the best bits!

 I picked up for a wonderful bargin a 70's vintage handbag that been covered in Welsh Blanket material - quite fitting really since I was in Wales! I loves the simple yet colourful
Finding Welsh blankets of any kind is a rairy today especially when you do find one, you have to pay alot of money. I admire the wonderful colours and skills that go into making such a piece so to find a handbag covered like so was a nice moment! Just the right amount of colour and style! Love it...plus seeing my own mother envious that i scored such an item made for a wonderful moment!
thank you thrifty gods!

 I rummaged through a huge basket and found, rather conviently since christmas is near, these do-it-yourself snoopy stocking fabrics. I'm hoping to make four from this piece rather then two for my family members...such cute designs!

 My fabric stash I came home with!

 This wonderful hand embroidered piece of fabric where someone sewn this ring of flowers out of wool, that over time due to being washed, has become felted and nicely softened.

 A nice and simple hand embroided piece with daisy-like flowers lies on top of a machine embroided piece. These I hope to cut up and use the designs in future quilts, patchwork totes and bags.

 A wonderful hand embroided cotton pillow case. If one was close enough, they can still see the pale blue pattern outline the craftster would have to had embroided over! 
I have now scored two, beautifully hand-sewn pillow cases and I hope to soon, see them on my bed!
 These actually are a rather nice find for me as since I was younger, I always wanted good quality, hand sewn vintage bed linen!

 An old vintage embroided table cloth that is stained in places, which doesnt matter for me as I hope to cut the designs for other sewing projects - an excellent way to upcycle!

 I collect tapestry pieces that get completed by people but end up in charity shops as no one knows what to do with them once they are done.  I'm hoping to turn some of them into wonderful home furnishings. some of them are absolutely amazing to look at, this piece is one of them!
 Its so bright and wonderfully regal in design and colour and such an unusual shape! Its like a warped diamond! My guess is the person who was making this, stretched it too much in places. This is a royal design to celebrate I guess, the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana which gives an indication as to how old this piece could be!

Lastly, I love this retro fabrics and over time, I noticed I seemed to have unintentionally collected 70's fabric designs! This bulk turned out to be a wonderful pair of hand-made curtains that is looking likely will be going up in our lounge to help keep the room warm and to enjoy the colourful snazzy design!
Cool hey?

The thrifting gods were kind to me that day and it was exciting to be elbow deep in chests of fabrics of all kinds and coming back with a reasonable hoarde to add to the room's worth of fabrics! (it's a serious addiction!)

now to do something with them....

Birdie Love!

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