Saturday, 17 November 2012

its beginning to look a lot like christmas...

i guess we will need to now admit that christmas is upon us and the final countdown begins! im mostly already done for presents as Ive been carefully collecting gifts since late summer as I knew money was going to be tight and with a family like mine, you need to take the time to search to find good gifts for people!

 This leaves me free to enjoy the christmas atmosphere that is popping up around us! And the fact I dont have to join in the last minute rush of the crowds searching for presents, hot and busy shops full of rude shoppers and hardly any money to enjoy the more festive side of this season.

 i like the sparkle and glitter of this season along with the twinkle and warm, cosy smells that takes you straight to mid-winter. Like pine, cinammon, cloves, candy, and the smell of the freezing cold night air (i swear it has a scent!)
 I'm going to take a more laid back approach this year and enjoy spending this season with the ones i care and love. I want to go back to ski-ing and enjoy zipping down the piste at super-speed like i use to!
I want to enjoy christ-dingle with my mum and nan, my dad's home cooking, waking up at my parents house with my brother in the next room and running around the house early morning, wishing and hugging everyone, a merry christmas and enjoying stocking presents before breakfast then settling down for a few hours of gift opening.
 The we all pile into the car and head over to the grandparents and pile all the gifts under the tree so theres massive of them, settle down for christmas lunch.
then late afternoon, i sit under the tree and do my yearly role of sorting presents into piles and allocating them out one by one to people so we can all watch them open and enjoy their gifts.

Christmas isn;t christmas without my family involved somewhere. we tried so many things, going away, eating out at a fancy resturant, going elsewhere but like my dad says, "It doesnt work, we need to be together as a family unit on this one day of the year and enjoy it and share it for what it is."

I think i might actually make these choccy crispie puddings as hand out gifts to all the friends i've got...i seriously be bankrupt if i bought everyone a gift...and i wish i really could! but i love baking and home-made is the next best thing!

What are you all doing for christmas?

Whats your christmas memories?

Birdie Love

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