Saturday, 17 November 2012

Evil Dead

Hail to the King! Art Print

Recently this week, myself and a few friends went to a showing of all the Evil Dead films (all 3 back to back!) at a local art centre for mondo mondays!

 it was a great time to share food (in this case, a curry!) with lovely friends!

 me and the hubby....well his chin that is...!
 make sure you read the small print at the bottom - raised a few smiles!

 The place was packed and by the time we watched all three evil dead films it was 12.30am! The atmosphere was great, loads of cheering at key moments and laughter as well. It was something different for a monday and brilliant to enjoy!
 I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for more mondo monday events like these where you can sit in the art cinema and watch retro films, B-movies and hilariously funny and scary foreign kinda thing!

Birdie Love!


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