Friday, 2 November 2012

time out

 Its nice to take time out in a working/busy week for a little bit of time for yourself.
Today I did that and enjoyed a spot of lunch in my local japanese resturant by myself.
I know there's bit of a weird stigma about going to such places on your own and doing it today was a hurdle for me to get over and left me recharged and brimming with confidence.
truth is, I use to lunch alone a fair bit before my accident, but since I've been too scared too and quite simply didnt have the energy to push myself to.
 I was pleased that even with one hearing aid and a head injury i was about to communicate well with the foreign waiters and chef and didn't stick out like a sore thumb in a reasonably busy restaurant.
In fact the chef came over and bought me a free miso soup (which tasted so amazing and really did cheer me up. I knew as i slurped on it, everything was going to be alright!)
 The food was delicious! (if you happen to be in Plymouth for a spot of lunch - visit Koishi!)
The gyoza dumplings were so yummy and flavoursome that its hard put for me to write about them without drooling!
 It was nice to not count the time, to watch the soy sauce soak into the rice and the steam rise from the miso soup.
To be in the warm, to smell the food from the kitchen behind me and the sounds of chefs working their way around, to watch people in the cold, grey street as the rain slide down the windows.

To enjoy a hot chocolate and people watch at the same time...

It's nice to have a little time out for yourself once in a while isn't it?

Birdie Love

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