Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Growing up, I was a pokemon lover and collector and yes, even in my mid to late twenties, I still have my pokemon cards and goodies...and yes i still think the franchise when it was in its early days was the best!

I came across this and loved it as it showed pokemon characters as if they really existed as prehistoric beast!

Bulbasaur got a beared dragon look to him, especially as a baby and I love how they incorporated the human figure for scale reference like you see in the dinosaur size-o-grams!

Squirtle was a he ain't so much here!

Charmander was my all time fav....and what a fine beast he makes!

plese feel free to check out the page and the artist here! It's a great source of fun!

remember - gotta catch 'em allllllll...pokemon!

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