Sunday, 18 November 2012

sweet dreams are made of this...

a new sweet shop opened in town today!
 It sells sweets from all over the world...oh my...!
 the smells!...the flavours!...the colours!...this is my heaven!
 People laughed at me for walking aroun the shop looking stunned...i was! How was i going to make a decision what to buy?!
 I had to remind myself that this shop is only a short walk away into town and I can always go back and buy more!
 So i bought a selection to share with the hubby!

I always wanted to try RedVines and this box for £3 isn't bad...they taste nice!
And Runts...they use to be sold here in the come you can only buy them abroad now?!

I think Im going to be living in this shop from time to time!

What your favourite sweets? Have you any to recommend me to look out for and to try?

Birdie Love

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