Sunday, 4 November 2012


Last night my faithful little feathery friend Kuba passed away very suddenly.
Kuba was a green cheeked conure, basically a small parrot who was big on personality.
Always at the front of the cage if he thinks food is nearby.
Always head banging to any decent music
Always attacking whoever he sees a threat except for me and the ladies generally.

He was singing away and he passed so swiftly and suddenly, there was no telling there was anything wrong.
I'm going to miss my little feathery baby. The house is already too quiet without him. I now have to break the habit of saving a little bit of human food for him as a treat.

goodnight my Kuba, may you continue to squark away up in the big ol' blue!


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  1. So sorry to hear about Kuba, I hope your ok. It's horrible when someone passes away, it doesn't matter whether its an animal or human, Kuba was a part of your family. xxx


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