Tuesday, 27 November 2012

the strangest things i see....

This charming looking place is somewhere near the heart of Cardiff, has a somewhat less charming name!
Spoltlands....it sounds like someone badly mispronouncing theword "Scotland"...or like some venerable disease...
"sorry...can't come into work today....coming down with the spoltlands..."

what a wonderfully...unique name is all I can say!
 ....well if after all the effort and money spent on looking this fabulous for the hubby and all he can do is sit in bed with his arms folded and looking like a miserable sod......forget it!
I like a man who strips for me!
...strips the bed on laundry day that is! (boom boom!)

 I bought, out of pure curiosity this jello pudding & pie filling! It may be something of a similair sight to you americans but over here, on british shores, this is a very rare sight indeed!
I'm breaking this open ready for friday for our games and american food night...this is going to be dessert after chilli dogs!
I hope this tastes good!

How to speak wookie?
farts around the world?
That's my brother pretty much sorted this christmas!

What strange things you seen recently?

Birdie Love

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