Thursday, 15 November 2012

shopping trip!

recent I went for a weekend break up to Cardiff to see and help my brother who next month will be moving closer to home. As well as helping him pack and stuff, I had the chance to shop around in some of Cardiff boutique shops which were beautifully presented and stocked!
 Wallys - its a deli that stocks consumable goodies from all over the world. I always visit here and have some mega stuff to show you later on! I love this shop for lookig so wonderfully magical and old-fashioned and the things it sells are just amazing!

 With a window front like this, you can't really resist no?

 The lego shop of course is a popular point of destination and with things like this little petshop above and the amazing R2D2 (see the tiny little original scale lego R2D2 piece right next to it?) which will one day be mine!

 Lego deatn star? at the price it sells at, i can dream can't i?!

Nice crafty inspiration in John Lewis, making a wreath from some of the balls of wool on sale...i likey!

 The weather and seasonal change was beautiful and it was a pleasure to walk into town

 I can't have a pug but a pug handbag? what's not to love?
(i admit they look so creepily real!)

Cardiff has wonderful arcades full of one-off shops selling a wide range of goodies, like this vintage bookshop that is a pleasure to wander around inside. the place smells like a library!

I always make sure to stop off at The Pit where the teahouse sells wonderful array of fresh coffee and teas in a beautiful building! it was luxury to be able to skive from helping with the packing to enjoy a peppermint tea with fresh blueberry cheesecake!

 This vintage shop I adore and always without fail make it my number one destination to visit everytime i come here!
I always leave with wonderful vintage fabrics and pieces and picked up a nice hoarde that I'm going to show off in a forthcoming blog update soon!

 The arcades are stunningly built and helps that its undercover away from bad weather and enhances the shopping experience! This place along with all the shops just show (apart from Wallys) is in Morgan Arcade - well worth a visit!

 Cardiff is a beautiful place with wonderful shop fronts and buildings to visually enjoy. with the bright yellow autumnal trees - stunning!

 And coming home to my husband after several hours on the road and a long sunday, to krispy kremes he picked up for me...awwwww....makes a brilliant end to the weekend no?


How was your weekend gone by?

Birdie Love

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