Wednesday, 21 November 2012

girly giggles

 Here's little Jo, my wonderful little mini-me with her lovely new hair and sweet smile! Isn't she so cute, that you want to put her in your pocket?! Jo is Wiggles the pug's mama! We decided to have a girly day last week, a much needed day of randomness, pampering and a bit of sushi and shopping!
We decided to have a fish spa treatment...whilst jo enjoyed it, I swear I had fish with teeth in my tank and instead of friendly nibbling, I had full-on chomping!

I have evidence to! The tank on top of the picture contains bigger fish...that was  my tank...i had bigger fish with bigger mouths! Jo's tank has the babies!

With toes thankfully intact, we went for some sushi!...My favourite cusine!

 My wonderful geisha girlies! <3 p="p">
Yo Sushi had a new range of Ramen out!
Couldn't resist this at all!
spicy beef ramen coimg up!
nom nom nom!

Thank you to my lovely friends for a good time-it is nice to take time out and enjoy yourself with friends isn't it?

Birdie Love

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