Sunday, 18 November 2012

craft share-Cozy

If there was a theme for today's share, I think "Cozy" would be it!

Needle Felted Mouse, Cute Mouse Soft Sculpture (Jasper)
According to Caroline Brown of Knittynudo, "I believe in eco-friendly art, and so practically all of my items are either 100% wool (a completely natural and renewable resource) or hand crafted from fairtrade Indian and Nepalese sari silk remnants, hence reducing waste and bringing a bit of exotic colour into our homes."

I love this little mouse - Meet Jasper. He's an absolute sweetheart. He's a real travelling mouse... he loves to travel around the world in your pocket or handbag. The world seems such a big place for such a wee mouse!

In the shop, the barn owl and sleepy hare are also my personal faves! Such a wonderful talent!

Womens fingerless gloves peach calico cotton candy stripe ribbon rose

I adore these little mitts!
Isnt the roses on these darling in their candy stripes?
I love the muted peach that gives the whole piece a faded, vintage glamour!

Its worth checking out Dawn's shop for some wonderfully, crazy knits!
Raccoon balaclava for the man in your life anyone?

Totoro Mittens - 100% Hand Knit

From one pair of mitts to another...who doesn't love Totoro?!
I think these pair of gloves are epically awesome and would be loved by men, women and children alike!
The design is just superb!

Thumbs up!

Set of 3 Russian Onion Dome Christmas Decorations

Julie Hall of MissyMossyMakes produces retro, vintage and folk inspired pieces and I think these russion domes fits the bill perfectly!
I think the wonderful selections of jewel-like colours and glittery "bits" is perfectly selected!

They look so cozy-liscious!

Tartan Blue Clutch Bag

Vivienne Westwood on a budget for any fashionistas out there! I think this clutch really hits the sweet spot when it comes to the tartan and tweed trend this season!

Nicely done Lin of Cloudhopping!

Crochet Slippers for Women in Mint & Sky Blue

I been looking for some cozy looking hand crochet slippers for a while and I like these from WhiteNoiseMaker's shop! They look so soft and the colours are to dye-for!

I'm hoping to put me down forr the bubblegum mary-janes slipper socks on my christmas list!

College Dorm Guinea Pig Pet stuffed plush with play food,  toy and college colors crocheted  scarf

Want a pet but your landlord won't allow you or short on space?

Wishwithme have got your dilema solved!

"This Guinea Pig is the perfect pet for any College Dorm.
He's clean, never smells bad and he's a good listener. He also stays very quiet when you need to study.

Included with the little guy is a felt food bowl with tiny felt guinea pig food because guinea pigs are always hungry. There's also a beaded toy because guinea pigs just love to play.

As always, Its a priviledge to showcase these wonderful pieces by wonderful crafters! You guys rock!

Birdie Love

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  1. Hi Hannah, it's Julie of Missy Mossy Makes. Love your blog.

  2. LOVE those mitts with the roses on! Do you have any links please?

    1. Hello!
      Im so glad you liked those gloves! They are very snazzy aren't they?
      There is a link to the shop in the comment section under the photo above but here's a direct link to the item itself!

      do let me know if you end up buying them! (i be very green in the face if you do!)

      Hannah aka Birdie xxx


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