Wednesday, 7 November 2012

they drew what?

there all kinds of comics and manga and art work out there in the world that one person couldnt possibly see them all.
And maybe it's a good things as some comic panels as i've discovered would have you stop in your tracks and be confused...very, very confused!

see what i mean? I bet you're a little bit WTF and a whole bit creeped out!

Well and even to this day, we are still left wondering... what does that make me then? :P

whoever said romance wasn't dead?!

I feel a bit like this myself after walking into my brother's bedroom as a kid...that boy could fart for britain i swear and it was strongly advised no naked flames were to go near him....

Yeah superman?, How DID you get so hard all of a sudden?!

That would explain a lot, a masked and caped man running around in tight spanex with a hero complex....there was bound to be a fetish or few there...



 I wouldn't look up with your mouth open if i were you....

I've seen it all now...

and now, the big finish....

Yeah! Comic books do have a wonderful and warped humour don't they?

And don't get me started on The Crossed...seriously stay the hell away from it!

you can see more examples of dodgy art work here

Birdie Love


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