Thursday, 8 November 2012

right now...

  • missing my parrot, kuba. the house is now too quiet since he passed on
  • I've been so ill with vertigo and exhaustion. I havent been able to function well these past few days, let alone walk straight and even sitting at my desk at work had me swaying like a sea-sick drunk! Ah well, starting to get better now!
  •  is about to start my first therapy session tomorrow, i'm still in the early days of finding proper treatment ever since I was finally given my diagnoses on my mental health. Its serious but it's ok! I wouldnt wish it on anyone else but when you have it, you find a way to carry on i guess!
  • Is so excited! I recieved two parcels from America, where two etsy sellers have sent me their goodies! I can't wait to share with you soon!
  •  Its christmas party time coming up soon and I can't wait to get my sparkle on! On the dress hunt for a nice dress to wear now!
  • Really appreciates good friends for being there
  •  Had a nice surprise today that left me weak in the knees and I had to sit down in town for a while until the shock passed! The first thing I did when i got home? put the heating on to celebrate. We got a little money to pay for some food and gas/electric and bills thank god!
  •  is hoping inspiration strikes thick and fast soon please! I got ideas but they need to actually come out and be made into something!
  • I've felt irrationally angry. I see people smiling around me and I'm furious they can smile and laugh and live their lives whereas I can't without falling apart and hurting for whatever reason. There are some downright nasty people out there and some individuals I know who I simply wish I could kick their butt for being the vilest alive....but after talking to a good friend, I know we all have days like these and they too will pass. Hating and anger is a wasted energy and emotion...might as well channel it into something healthier and productive for me!
  •  has just bought a cheap and cheery cross stitch necklace i've long admired! I can't wait to get it and enjoy it!
  • Speaking of cross stitch, there is a cross-stitch idea i want to create soon! I got some breautiful threads so lets do it!
  • Christmas.....enough said really!
How are you doing today?

Birdie Love

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