Monday, 5 November 2012

food fayre

This sunday (today) I was up early and upon my suggestion, my mum, nan and hubby went with me to Royal William Yard here in Plymouth to it's food fayre, held the first sunday of every month. (make a note, locals!)

The place was heaving for a sunday morning and there was great crowds walking about the yard and enjoying the wonderful sea views, ancient naval buildings and excellent array of resturants and coffee shops.

 I bought from this shop a stilton and pear slice that was very nom nom nom!
It was great to see these kind of stalls and actually there were a nice number of vegan/vegetarian stalls there since in my opinion, alot of food from this catergory tastes just amazing and you hardly miss the meat!
 fresh bread, these babies smelt so good and were so popular with the crowds and my mum and nan!
a good loaf these days is hard to fine and very much enjoyed and appreciated!

 I bought my grandad a small gift of a calvados and a whiskey truffle from here. Its so rare to find calvados in chocolate that i knew i had to buy it for him to try. I miss my grandad and havent seen him in a while so thought this would cheer him up! I might actually have a look online at more of their choocy goodies!
These chocolates are made from cows but more so, goats milk which is brilliant as it shows how diverse milk can actually be!
feel free to check out the site of this company as they explain what they do so well and show off their animals with such love!  here

The banter between myself and the stall holders was brilliant, they are all so passionate about their wares and so pleased to see you and answer your questions and give you freebies, especially from the ones who know me after years of good custom!

 I spent a bit of time here with my nan explaining beetroot inside a cake is actually very, very nice! the man (who was wearing that rather fetching apron!) behind the stall even joined in and my nan went back and got a few slices for her to see for herself! It was great to see a wide array of ingrediants used such as the beetroot but also courgette (zucchini to you americans) and other seasonal fruits and nuts.

There was a choir present who sang lovely songs and lent itself to produce a wonderful atmosphere! Really, really nice touch!

Food markets like these are becoming very popular and always draws a crowd whatever the weather. Its great to see people being able to be in direct contact with the producers and able to source wonderful, wonderful food!

I do recommend you seeing what is in your area and going to check it out! Dont be afraid to ask questions or even a sample! These people are just pleased you are there! If you really like something, find out what you can! People do recognise your face and always reward the loyal! The number of local suppliers who know me often now reduce their fares or slip me an extra treat as a way to thank me for being there. without you, custom wouldnt be there and neither would they!

You end up walking away with a passion for the goodies you bought to enjoy. imagine how pleased you feel when gifting abox of choccies to a loved one and telling them they were made from goats milk and the calvados truffle won this years gold award in the region!  I know i felt pretty darn good!

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  1. That looks lovely! I wish we had monthly outdoor food fayres like that in HK.

  2. Yay at lots of vegan stalls! The food market looks so goood, I wish more food markets near me had lots of veggie/vegan stalls, i'd be in heaven!


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