Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Royal William Bakery

It is a great experience to discover and share something highly enjoyable. The thrill and sensory experience of it all is something i hope to capture in this blog update.
I took my mum and nan out along with my hubby to a food fayre and whilst we were there, we decided to have coffee at the bakery we have long ago discovered and highly enjoyed.

Royal William Bakery is unlike many bakeries and cafe's/tea rooms/coffee houses you know of.
Set in a beautiful old slaughterhouse, you go in and sit yourself down at the benches and gather whatever you want to eat and drink and at the end of the day you pay at the till by telling them what you had consumed...an honesty policy in a way!

 bread is constantly being baked on the premises, the freshest food is constantly being rotated out the kitchens that you can walk amongst and see them working.
 the food that is sold in the shop area is fo fresh and local and amazing...it makes for stunning display!
 As soon as bread comes out, people are snapping it up!
 the presentation of food was at its simplest and so accessable...it really is the food doing the talking!
 the plates are wooden slabs you pick up from a table ladened with trays of vintage cutlery. you help yourself to a mug from beams above you.

 Apple juice so sweet from local orchards. you can eat thick slices of the freshest bread and slather on free home made peanut butter and jam that sits in jars around the benches
 The hubby enjoying his food!

 water was stored in a fridge you collected for free in lovely glass antique bottles

 The two greatest ladies in my life, my muma and my nan.
 butter was kept in beautiful hand made and locally crafted earthenware bowls
 the shop area
 the open area kitchen with treats laid out for all!

 The building itself was stunningly beautiful

 Vegetable chilli in bread bowls!

 locally grown salad in bread bowls
 afternoon treats ready for the admiring public to steal them away!
 the crowded food fayre!

 inspired, I took home a massive elephant garlic bulb to cook with...
and made hungry by the lovely looking mushrooms on toast, hubby made this for us that evening with the bakery's bread.

The royal william bakery in the royal william yard is in my top three favourite places to be on this earth.
so inspiring and it really strips away the faff of resturants and coffee houses and lets food do the talking.
I would love to come here more often if it wasnt too far for me, and the yard itself has a lot of memories.
it really is a great place and i love the direction the bakery is going! I would love to be in that place behind the ovens!

really do give the Bakery website a look over - the photography is amazing and explains the business so much better than i have above.

check it out here

I hope to be back there soon!

Birdie Love

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  1. Me and Jon had breakfast there! It was weird helping yourself to juice from the fridge and toasting your own bread! I loved the building though and lunchtime food looks great!


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