Thursday, 1 November 2012

in the last few days...

I have been eating left over halloween sweeties from our party...and i need to stop!
 indy been moved to a new, warmer place for the winter and is happily chattering away whenever we past him by. he seems alot happier in his happy place now, the sweet baby!
 we been enjoying the efforts of my fruits of labour and eating large slices of the red velvet cake with cream frosting I made for the party...yummy!
 waking up to my new SAD alarm that slowly brightens up until you need to be up by. such a nice lazy glow to wake up to in the morning!
 don't worry, its not been all sweets and cake-eating here! Home made vegan curries were rustled up too and were damn good if i may say so! (go me!)
 Turtle bread!....cos the supermarkets gotta shift the stuff somehow!

How is your week going?

birdie love

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