Sunday, 18 November 2012

Product review-Garden Apothecary mud mask!

One of the first ever products I featured on a craft share (recycled theme), I featured the wonderfully packaged and presented Garden Apothecary french green clay mud mask!
 After speaking to the wonderful Jennifer of Garden Apothecary, who slipped me a few samples, I eagerly awaited my parcel! I love parcels...!

 There is nothing better than parcels wrapped up in brown paper and string! So wonderfully simple and in keeping with their non-fussy ethos and letting the products do the talking!

I love the packaging of the mask! As Garden Apothecary states "These little eco-tubes are 100% PCW recycled paper. They hold the perfect amount of dry french green clay mud mask for a single use - just add a dash of water and apply. Very gentle on your face and great for a girls night in!"

 I couldnt wait to give these a try! Jennifer states that her favourite way to use the mask was with a couple of teaspoons of honey, mix and use as a cleanser on the face and neck!
 You actually get a lot of mask powder inside the dinky but nicely sized tube! The presentation of it makes it look more expensive than it is and would make a nice gift that you would feel pleased to give!
 Be careful when twisting the cap off! Its brilliantly full to the brim unlike some of the other products out there that is rather stingy! the smell is earthy and fresh smelling which is actually rather pleasent!
 If i were you, I would tip in into a small bowl...
 ...and add some water and mix with your finger until you get a nice consistancy, free of lumps and smooth to spread! The powder mixes really well and the mixture was just the right amont of sticky that you know it will give excellent coverage.
yes...that's isnt easy being green I tell ya!
The mask goes on nice and smooth and actually spreads really well and thick over your face and neck! Its a pleasure to use and dries evenly. It also washes off easy, which is something I find is rare with mud masks as Im there scrubbing away for some time. It left my face wonderfully fresh, even of blotches and calmed the redness of my nose where I had a slight sniffle!
I rate this product quite highly!

The only downside is at $4.50/£2.91 it is a little expensive compared to the mud masks I use (at £1 a pop). Saying that though, I got more out of this mask and it gave a more visable result than say 2-3 applications of a cheaper mud mask so value wise, I imagine it would balance out all the same!
So with that in mind, this one application tube is good value for money!
This mask is an excellent once-a-week treat for your face!
The only other downside for me is they come from america and not easily accessible-but alas, when its my beauty at stake, I'm not going to let a thing like distance stop me!
Jennifer save me a small bundle of samples and I will be putting a tube in my mum and nan's stocking as I would like them to give it a try and see what they think!
I also cant wait to try the mixture with honey and Give Jennifer's advice a go!

I give Garden Apothecary french green clay mud mask a 9 out of 10!

You can buy these wonderful goodies babies from here at Garden Apothecary's Etsy shop!

The shop is worth having a look around too, eventually when I have the funds I hope to give other products a whirl! All their goodies lovingly made and wonderfully packaged so give it a looksy!

Birdie love!


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